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Gift Cards

I recommend using Gift Certificates for managing your own Kindle book purchases and for eliminating all those tiny charges from bargain books, which some banks do not allow due to fraud controls and which can make balancing your statement something of a chore.

Amazon has free overnight delivery on Gift Cards (a gift certificate inside a nice gift card with envelope, ready for mailing or for those occasions (and people) where a physical gift is needed. Gift cards are also available from iTunes and Barnes & Noble. Kobo gift cards are only available in some independent bookstores in the US.

Managing your Kindle Books

This post has an in-depth look at Amazon’s new Manage Your Kindle page.

Backing Up Your Books

You can use Dropbox or SpiderOak to back up your books (from Amazon or elsewhere) and then access them via the browser (on WiFi or 3G) from anywhere, without having to keep them all on your Kindle all the time.


What do those letters mean at the end of the titles on posts? They tell you the format/store where a book is available.

  • K – Kindle/Amazon
  • N – nook/Barnes & Noble
  • I – iBooks/iTunes
  • E – EPUB/various stores
  • P – PDF/various stores
  • X – no downloads; proprietary app required
  • DF – DRM-Free
  • KSO – Kindle Special Offer Deal
  • AL – AmazonLocal Deal

You may also see abbreviations on prices. These indicate special memberships at Amazon and are books you may borrow for free, within those programs

  • KU – Kindle Unlimited
  • KUwN – Kindle Unlimited with Narration
  • KLL – Kindle Lending Library