Jul 122013

Once You Break a Knuckle (£0.99 UK), by DW Wilson [Bloomsbury], is the Kindle Deal of the Day for those in the UK (no US edition).

Book Description
In the remote Kootenay Valley in western Canada, good people sometimes do bad things. Two bullied adolescents sabotage a rope swing, resulting in another boy’s death. A heartbroken young man chooses not to warn his best friend about an approaching car. Sons challenge fathers and break taboos. Crackling with tension and propelled by jagged, cutting dialogue, D.W. Wilson’s stories reveal to us how our best intentions can be doomed to fail or injure, how our loves can fall short or mislead us, how even friendship – especially friendship – can be something dangerously temporary. An intoxicating cocktail of adrenaline and vulnerability, doggedness and dignity, Once You Break a Knuckle explores the courage it takes just to make it through another day.

French Lessons (£0.99 UK), by Ellen Sussman [Canvas], is the Kindle Deal of the Day for Romance Fans in the UK (the US edition is $11.99 [Random House]).

Book Description
The only thing that lasts is love, even when it’s gone.

Three French tutors meet at a small café that spills out onto the sunny Parisian backstreet of Rue du Paradis. Nico, Philippe and Chantal meet here every Wednesday morning, before leading their students along the grand boulevards, winding alleyways and sweetly perfumed jardins of the city of lights.

But today’s lesson will be very different – and none of them are remotely prepared.

Josie arrives in Paris desperate, alone, and hopeful that this trip might mend her broken heart.
Ex-pat Riley is a long way from home and drifting further and further away from her husband. Could Philippe provide the distraction she craves – and can she gain the courage to break free?
Jeremy is the dutiful husband of his famous actress wife. While she is busy filming on the banks of the Seine, he is content playing second fiddle. Until he meets Chantal…

In the haze of a Paris summer, long-buried secrets rise to the surface and relationships are challenged. Can the lessons learned in one day change all of their tomorrows?

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