Jul 112013

Blood Games (£0.99 UK), by Faye Kellerman [HarperCollins], is the Kindle Deal of the Day for those in the UK (the US edition is $6.44 and titled Gun Games).

Book Description
A gripping novel from the Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus series – published in the USA as GUN GAMES – from New York Times bestselling author Faye Kellerman.

When fifteen-year-old Gregory Hesse is found dead, a single gunshot to his head, it appears to be a tragic suicide. But his mother refuses to accept the verdict and pleads for a police inquiry.

Detective Peter Decker of the LAPD, working the case, knows only too well what secret lives teenagers live. He and his wife Rina have recently become responsible for Gabe Whitman, an enigmatic and gifted teen, whose parents abandoned him.

Just weeks later, a sixteen-year-old girl enrolled at the same exclusive high school as Gregory commits suicide. Decker’s probe into the lives of these privileged teenagers, uncovers a dark trail of twisted allegiances and unholy alliances. With the return of Gabe’s father, former hit-man Chris Donnatti, the case takes an even more sinister turn…

The Brotherhood (£0.99 UK), the second novel in the Blood Moon series by Dawn Thompson [Montlake Romance], is the Kindle Deal of the Day for Romance Fans in the UK (the US edition is $2.99).

Book Description
Joss Hyde-White left London for answers about who and what he was. What he found, with night falling, Cornwall consumed by a snowstorm quickly obscuring the road, was a carriage–a brougham by the look of it–its snow-covered horses standing like two ghosts, and a scene of horror interrupted within. A chestnut-haired beauty lay prone, requiring his assistance. But safety was not easily provided.

On this night that brought to mind vampires and the foulest creatures of myth, through the whirling snow and growing darkness, it was difficult to tell man or woman from beast. From this moment forward, no one and nothing could be trusted–not even his own instincts, be they to kiss or kill. Joss was on the road to the truth, and that would lead to the secret of his parents, to the Blood Moon Rite of ancient Persia, to the enigmatic Milosh, the Gypsy, and…THE BROTHERHOOD

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