Jul 112013

There is a big sale on Norton’s software over at Amazon, with prices about 70% off and roughly half of what Norton has a sale prices on their own website. Of particular note are the antivirus/internet security products, with 3-pc licenses running only a couple of bucks more than single PC editions, letting you install on your desktop, laptop, netbook, etc, without a large additional cost. I often see these at full retail at places like Best Buy and suspect the prices will go back up soon (although they are often on sale, the last time I updated my copy Norton Internet Security 2013 the price was quite a bit higher).

Here are some of the 3-PC products in the sale:

On the Mac side, it appears there are only 1 Pc editions available

One thing I did run into – when I added my product key to my existing installation of Norton Internet Security 2013, the extra year didn’t get added automatically to my subscription, instead installing it to my Norton account as a second 3-PC license (which would have been fine, if that was what I wanted). A quick chat with Norton support later (and they are available 24×7) and they added the two together, so my license is now extended to about Christmas of next year.

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