Feb 182013

Today’s Gold Box at Amazon is 70% off of Norton 360 Multi-Device software. This is what I use on my systems for anti-virus and other online protection. If you don’t have anything or are due to renew, you might want to pick this up (you can hold it until you are ready to install and your year of protection starts when it is installed).

Today’s Kindle Daily Deal is Still with Me ($0.99), by Thierry Cohen and Summer Robinson (Translator), with the companion audiobook $1.99. This is an Amazon exclusive translation published by AmazonCrossing.

Book Description
Since its initial publication in France, Still with Me has been published in 15 countries. The book won France’s Grand Prix Jean d’Ormesson in 2007.

Jeremy takes his life on his twentieth birthday after childhood friend Victoria rejects his love.

On his twenty-first birthday, he wakes up.

Victoria is at his side, blissfully in love with him. While Jeremy can’t remember the previous year, he savors the miracle of waking up alongside the woman he loves.

The next time he wakes, another year has passed and he finds himself a spectator of his own life. Victoria now carries his child, but the man alongside her is a disturbingly different person—a cruel, egotistical, seemingly unknowable Jeremy. Is it amnesia? Insanity? Or has the God Jeremy defied with his selfish act now cursed him?

This strange and beautiful novel tells the tale of a man lost between life and death, but connected by the love—as friend, lover, son, and father—given and taken over the course of a lifetime, a love that simply won’t let go.

Today’s Kindle Romance Daily Deal is Crooked Hearts ($1.99), by Patricia Gaffney [Open Road].

Book Description
Two con artists team up in 1880s California for the score of a lifetime—but end up fighting for their lives instead

In a stagecoach en route to San Francisco, Grace Rousselot is posing as a nun to drum up “donations” from fellow travelers. Across from her, Reuben Jones is faking blindness to prey on unsuspecting travelers. Both grifters are surprised to learn that they have competition, and even more surprised when their stagecoach is ambushed and robbed, leaving them both flat broke.

Not keen to discuss the robbery with the police, Reuben and Grace decide to work together to recoup some of their losses. Soon enough, what starts out as a practical partnership evolves into something more. And with the Chinese mafia hot on their heels, neither is sure just how far they can trust a man—or a woman—with a crooked heart.

Today’s Kindle SciFi/Fantasy Daily Deal is Wild Seed ($2.99), by Octavia E. Butler [Open Road].

Book Description
When two immortals meet in the long-ago past, the destiny of mankind is changed forever

For a thousand years, Doro has cultivated a small African village, carefully breeding its people in search of seemingly unattainable perfection. He survives through the centuries by stealing the bodies of others, a technique he has so thoroughly mastered that nothing on Earth can kill him. But when a gang of New World slavers destroys his village, ruining his grand experiment, Doro is forced to go west and begin anew.

He meets Anyanwu, a centuries-old woman whose means of immortality are as kind as his are cruel. She is a shapeshifter, capable of healing with a kiss, and she recognizes Doro as a tyrant. Though many humans have tried to kill them, these two demi-gods have never before met a rival. Now they begin a struggle that will last centuries and permanently alter the nature of humanity.

This ebook features an illustrated biography of Octavia E. Butler including rare images from the author’s estate.

Playing It Safe: Crazy Stories from the World of Britain’s Health and Safety Regulations (£0.99 UK), by Alan Pearce, is the Kindle Deal of the day for those in the UK (the US edition is $5.82).

Book Description
Journalist Alan Pearce collects hilarious (all true, unfortunately) examples of Health and Safety gone mad from UK newspapers and websites that will make you cringe while crying with laughter. Includes:
  • The author who was banned from selling his book in case it caused paper cuts.
  • The swings removed from a playground in case children were blinded by the sun while playing on them.
  • An international cycle race banned after worries about urinating cyclists.
  • The risk assessment needed before a local village hall could sell mince pies.

After Dark ($7.99 Kindle, $1.99 B&N), the first novel in the Harmony/Ghost Hunters series by Jayne Castle, is the Nook Daily Find; this isn’t yet price matched on Kindle, but should drop soon, as it’s from Penguin, an Agency publisher.

Book Description
Welcome to Harmony—where the rules are a little different.

Life is tough these days for Lydia Smith, licensed para-archaeologist. Seriously stressed-out from a nasty incident in an alien tomb, she is obliged to work part-time in Shrimpton’s House of Ancient Horrors, a very low-budget museum. She has a plan to get her career back on track, but it isn’t going well. Stuff keeps happening.

Take the dead body that she discovered in one of the sarcophagus exhibits. Who needed that? Finding out that her new client, Emmett London, is one of the most dangerous men in the city isn’t helping matters either. And that’s just today’s list of setbacks. Here in the shadows of the Dead City of Old Cadence, things don’t really heat up until After Dark.

Includes a preview of Jayne Castle’s Rainshadow Novel DECEPTION COVE

Today’s Kindle Kids Daily Deal is How to Hug ($1.99), by Maryann MacDonald and Jana Christy (Illustrator), published by Amazon’s new imprint, Amazon Children’s Publishing.

Book Description
Hugs can be tricky! But you can learn how to hug. Never hug anyone too tight—ouch! And don’t hug too many people at once—uh-oh! You can be a leg hugger or a bear hugger or a surprise hugger. If you don’t want a hug, it’s okay to say so. But if you learn how to give a hug and do it just right, you might get one back…so be ready! Jana Christy’s digital illustrations provide a charming twist to something everyone loves to do.

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