Feb 082013

Good Fortune in a Wrapping Cloth ($5.99 Kindle), by Joan Schoettler and Jessica Lanan (Illustrator), is free from Barnes & Noble, courtesy of publisher Shen’s Books. This is one of the books on B&N’s Valentine’s Day Children’s Books promotion.

Book Description
Ji-su pressed closer to her mother. “Stay. Don’t go to King Yongjo’s court.”

Ji-su’s mother has been chosen by the Korean king to be a seamstress at the palace and sew bojagi, or wrapping cloths, for the royal household. It is a great honor, but to Ji-su it means saying good-bye to her mother. The only way for them to be reunited, Ji-su realizes, is for her to become a seamstress just as talented and be chosen to serve the king.

Through the changing seasons, Ji-su sews, learning the craft from her great-aunt and practicing her stitches tirelessly. One day, she finally has the chance to show her work to the palace Sanguiwon master, who has the power to bring her to her mother or to dash her hopes of being reunited. Is her sewing fine enough for the king?

Joan Schoettler’s warm text brings the landscape and culture ancient Korea to life. Together with illustrator Jessica Lanan’s breathtaking depictions of Korea through the seasons, Ji-su’s story of longing and determination will capture the hearts of readers of all ages.

Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.

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