Feb 092013

Fergus at the Zoo ($3.99 $0.99 Kindle), by J W Noble and Peter Townsend (Illustrator), is free from Barnes & Noble, courtesy of publisher Snowball Press.

Book Description
Dr Seuss meets Thomas the Tank Engine in this popular series of rhyming books for 2 to 6 year olds. Come with Fergus, the brave little ferry, and his friends, as they have thrilling adventures and make daring rescues on the harbour. The books, written by author J.W. Noble for his son, also contain subtle parent/child messages. “Roar, roar,” says the lion, licking his lips. I’ll have kangaroo, with suace and chips.” Help! A lion has escaped from the zoo and he’s chasing a keeper and a kangaroo. Who can save them? Who else but brave, kind Fergus Ferry!

Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble. A NOOK Kids Read to Me title, this book requires a Nook Android device or the NOOK Kids for iPad app.

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