Feb 032013

Arc of the Dream ($6.15 Kindle), the third novel in A. A. Attanasio’s Radix Tetrad series, is this month’s free book from Phoenix Pick. Each novel in the series can be read stand-alone, but if you’ve been reading here for a while, you should have at least the first two in the series, Radix and In Other Worlds, already in your libraries.

Book Description
Nicholas Tehada is dreamer having his dreams harvested by Mnemos Nine—a computer used in a top secret government project.

But where do the dreams end and reality begin? And what is the ultimate goal of Project Foresee?

Get the free ebook from Phoenix Pick. You’ll need to find the book’s listing, click on “FREE EBOOK of the Month”, then enter coupon code 9991743. Click thru the next page and then scroll down and get the formats of your choice. They are DRM-free, so you can convert to other formats, if desired.

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