Jan 012013

If you’ve ever signed up for Amazon Mom, check your email to see if Amazon has sent you a $2 MP3 Code from Amazon Mom. If they have, just click thru the email and apply the credit (cut and paste from the email) and then you can go shopping. If you don’t have any other ideas on what to spend it on, there are a few 99 cent albums that look interesting: 100 Must-Have Lullaby Baby Classics (for those with very small ones in the house), Classical Music for the Reader 8: Great Masterpieces for the Dedicated Reader and Big Beethoven Box (no small children required). If you aren’t a classical fan, there are always the 2,000 $5 MP3 albums this month, which would be reduced to $3 with the credit.

 Posted by on January 1, 2013 at 9:22 PM

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