Dec 042012

Today’s free Android App, Bleep, is a word guessing game.

Today’s Kindle Daily Deal is Heat of the Night ($1.99), the second novel in the Dream Guardians series by Sylvia Day. If you prefer to read a series in order, the first title, Pleasures of the Night, is marked down to $2.69.

Book Description
Stacey Daniels has always been attracted to the wrong type of man . . .

And she knows in her heart the virile, wounded Viking at her front doorstep will certainly be no exception. A vision from her most secret erotic fantasies—a glorious god of a man—he excites her with his tantalizing aura of dangerous sensuality. Stacey knows in the deepest depths of her soul that submission will bring unforeseen peril into her life, and yet she is helpless to resist him—for he is a master of decadent pleasures and sweet sensuality . . . and all she has ever wished for.

But loving Conor carries a burden that no mortal woman can bear. Though he finds solace in Stacey’s passion and the warmth of her welcoming body, his true realm is one of darkest dreams, torn by violence and strife, that is now following him into Stacey’s world . . . .

The Last Talk with Lola Faye ($1.59 / £0.99 UK), by Thomas H. Cook, is the Kindle Deal of the day for those in the UK (the US edition is $2.37).

Book Description
Luke Paige, historian and writer, runs into a woman he hoped he would never see again: Lola Faye.

When Luke was very young she’d had an affair with his father and it blew his family apart. Now the years have passed and Lola Faye wants to talk. Painfully, Luke and Lola revisit the terrible events that have shaped their lives. The story they reveal is one of the timeless struggle between fathers and sons, of longed-for passion, of hopes and dreams thwarted by fate and circumstance. This is psychological suspense at its best.

Before She Dies ($4.96 Kindle, $4.99 B&N), by Mary Burton, is the Nook Daily Find, just better than price matched on Kindle, where the companion audiobook is $4.99.

Book Description
He Is Their Judge. . .

In death, they are purified. Holding his victims under water, he washes away their sins as they struggle for their last breath. Then he stakes their bodies to the ground, exposing them for what they really are. Witches, sent to tempt and to corrupt. . .

Jury. . .

No one knows about defense attorney Charlotte Wellington’s murdered sister, or about her childhood spent with the carnival that’s just arrived in town. For Charlotte, what’s past is past. But others don’t agree. And as a madman’s body count rises, she and Detective Daniel Rokov are drawn into a mission that’s become terrifyingly personal. . .

And Executioner

At last, she is within his reach. All his victims deserve their fate, but her guilt is greatest. And with every scream, he will make her see what it means to suffer and repent–before she dies. . .

Today’s Kindle Kids Daily Deal is Tales from the Odyssey ($1.99), by Mary Pope Osborne.

Book Description
If Odysseus ever wants to see his family again, he will have to face hungry cannibals, outwit a beautiful witch, and sail past a six-headed serpent in an epic journey of endurance and courage. In this exciting series, best-selling author Mary Pope Osborne retells Homer’s Odyssey, one of the most thrilling adventure stories of all time.

Grade Level: 3 and up

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