Dec 032012

Amazon is having a different Android App or Game on sale thru Christmas and today’s game is The Dark Knight Rises, now 99 cents (down from $6.99). It works on any of the Kindle Fires (including the original), but requires nearly 2GB of storage, so you may not be able to squeeze it onto the smaller memory size tablets with removing other content (on the original Kindle Fire, you can ‘clear data’ on the Kindle app, which removes the archive list, with thumbnails of the covers, without removing any books, to recover additional space).

Amazon is also having a 12 Days of Book Deals promotion, with a different (paper) best-selling book on sale each day from 9AM to 1PM (PT) with savings up to 75%. Even if you aren’t interested in the daily book deal, be sure to bookmark the page so you can enter the $250 gift card giveaway each day.

Today’s Kindle Kids Daily Deal is My First Airplane Ride ($1.99), by Patricia Hubbell and Nancy Speir (Illustrator) .

Book Description
A first airplane ride can be very exciting! Watching planes take off and land, going through security, walking the jet way, finding the right seat, watching out the window as the plane taxis down the runway, and flying up high in the sky and then, at the other end, Grandma waiting with a hug! Nancy Speir’s acrylic illustrations deftly interpret the wonder and joy of a child’s first plane-trip adventure.

Grade Level: Pre-K and up

Today’s Kindle Daily Deal is Blood Safari ($1.99), by Deon Meyer and K.L. Seegers.

Book Description
Blood Safari is a harrowing novel from internationally acclaimed thriller writer Deon Meyer, an expert storyteller whose wickedly fast narratives reveal the heart of his enthralling country. In Blood Safari, Emma Le Roux, a beautiful young woman in Cape Town, sees her brother named on the television news as the prime suspect in the killing of four poachers and a witch doctor. But it can’t be possible: Emma’s brother is supposed to be dead, having disappeared twenty years ago in Kruger National Park. Emma tries to find out more but is attacked and barely escapes. So she hires Lemmer, a personal security expert, and sets out into the country in search of the truth.

A complicated man with a dishonorable past, Lemmer just wants to do his job and avoid getting personally involved. But as he and Emma search for answers from the rural police, they encounter racial and political tensions, greed, corruption, and violence unlike anything they have ever known.

Think Your Way To Success: How to Develop a Winning Mindset and Achieve Amazing Results ($2.39 / £1.49 UK), by Mark Rhodes, is the Kindle Deal of the day for those in the UK (the US edition is $9.87).

Book Description
You can achieve anything when you know how to put your mind to it

We all know that a positive mental attitude can work wonders… but there’s so much more to it than that. With the right coaching you can move from positive attitude to determined success magnet! Mark Rhodes trains people every day on just how to achieve that level of concentrated resolve. In this book he’ll show you how to build the mindset you need to achieve your goals and dreams and start to notice more opportunities and have the confidence to act on them.

Whilst NLP based, no prior knowledge of NLP is needed! Mark keeps the science in the background. And don’t worry, he doesn’t ask us to trust the powers of the Universe and have ‘faith’ that it will work. Mark’s steps are practical and actionable, using real examples. Think Your Way to Success will supercharge your performance.

The Trouble With Physics: The Rise of String Theory, The Fall of a Science, and What Comes Next ($8.77 $2.99 Kindle, B&N), by Lee Smolin, is the Nook Daily Find. Update: Now price matched on Kindle.

Book Description
In this illuminating book, the renowned theoretical physicist Lee Smolin argues that fundamental physics — the search for the laws of nature — losing its way. Ambitious ideas about extra dimensions, exotic particles, multiple universes, and strings have captured the public’s imagination — and the imagination of experts. But these ideas have not been tested experimentally, and some, like string theory, seem to offer no possibility of being tested. Yet these speculations dominate the field, attracting the best talent and much of the funding and creating a climate in which emerging physicists are often penalized for pursuing other avenues. As Smolin points out, the situation threatens to impede the very progress of science. With clarity, passion, and authority, Smolin offers an unblinking assessment of the troubles that face modern physics — and an encouraging view of where the search for the next big idea may lead.

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