Dec 042012

Angel Board ($4.24 Kindle), by Kristopher Rufty, is free direct from Samhain Publishing.

Book Description
Not all angels are sane.

Someone saved David Barker’s life, but he doesn’t know who—or what—she is. Now he’s haunted by the image of that beautiful, nebulous vision with the features of a woman and determined to find out why she appeared when he almost died. David uses an angel board in hopes of contacting her, and unfortunately for him, he succeeds. This angel has loved him all his life, guarded him and protected him. And she’ll hurt anyone who interferes with that love. David’s guardian angel is obsessive, possessive…and homicidal. Her unyielding love for him will leave a trail of grisly “accidents” and murders as she eliminates all those who want to hurt David. Or love him.

Get the free ebook from Samhain Publishing. When you get to the payment section of checkout, just check paypal (even if you don’t have an account there); the next page will finally notice that there is no charge and you won’t be redirected to paypal, but to the order confirmation page, instead. After your order is complete, click on My Bookshelf in the upper right corner and you can download your books in any of several DRM-free formats.

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