Nov 052012

Today’s Kindle Daily Deal is Wonder Boys ($1.99), by Michael Chabon (Open Road).

Book Description
Chabon’s extraordinary story of one turbulent weekend in the life of a struggling writer, a satire of the permanent adolescence of the creative class

A wildly successful first novel made Grady Tripp a young star, and seven years later he still hasn’t grown up. He’s now a writing professor in Pittsburgh, plummeting through middle age, stuck with an unfinishable manuscript, an estranged wife, a pregnant girlfriend, and a talented but deeply disturbed student named James Leer. During one lost weekend at a writing festival with Leer and debauched editor Terry Crabtree, Tripp must finally confront the wreckage made of his past decisions.

Mordant but humane, Wonder Boys features characters as loveably flawed as any in American fiction.

This ebook features a biography of the author.

Madensky Square ($1.59 / £0.99 UK), by Eva Ibbotson, is the Kindle Deal of the day for those in the UK (no US edition).

Book Description
Eva Ibbotson’s magical novel set in that most poignant of all times and places – Vienna before the First World War. Susanna’s dress shop stands in the delightful Madensky Square and is the very hub and heart of life. Susanna sympathizes with her neighbours, watches over Signi, the wretched, orphaned child prodigy, and with her infallible eye for dress, turns an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Of all the colourful characters in Madensky Square, only her dear friend Alice has the slightest inkling that Susanna hides more than one secret. This hidden life, full of passion and anguish, gradually unfolds in a city of romance, music and gossip.

A Mortal Terror ($2.99 Kindle, B&N), the sixth in the Billy Boyle World War II Mystery series by James R. Benn, is the Nook Daily Find, price matched on Kindle. I started collecting this series when the first one was free in 2010. If you are missing the second in the series, First Wave, or want to upgrade from the Topaz format it was originally issued in, it’s on sale for $3.44 currently.

Book Description
In his time investigating crimes for both the Boston cops and General Ike’s European forces, Lieutenant Billy Boyle hasn’t encountered a serial killer. But now it looks like he may–a serial killer with a particularly frightening agenda.

Two officers from the American troops stationed in Caserta, Italy, not far from Naples, have been found murdered. Lieutenant Norman Landry was found behind a supply tent with his neck snapped. Captain Max Galante, MD, was strangled on the same night, and his body left in a garden outside HQ. The MOs are completely different, and it seems like the officers had no connection to each other, but one frightening fact links the murders: each body was discovered with a single playing card: the Lieutenant, the ten of hearts; the Captain, the jack of hearts. The message seems to be clear–if the murderer isn’t apprehended, the higher ranks will be next.

Billy is sent to Italy for the investigation, which grows increasingly sinister. But he has other things on his mind, too. His girlfriend, Diana, is on a very dangerous spy mission, and Billy doesn’t know when–or if–he’ll see her again. To make matters worse, Billy’s just learned that his baby brother, Danny, is being sent over to Europe as an infantry replacement, an incredibly dangerous assignment. And all around him, he sees GIs suffering from combat fatigue preparing for another battle. As the invasion at Anzio begins, Billy needs to keep a cool head amidst fear and terror as the killer calculates his next moves.

The Great Decision: Jefferson, Adams, Marshall, and the Battle for the Supreme Court ($9.99 Kindle, $1.99 B&N), by Cliff Sloan, is the Nook Daily Find: Election 2012. This one looks very good, so I’ve reported the lower price to Amazon, in hopes of getting it on Kindle.

Book Description
Following the bitterly contested election between Adams and Jefferson in 1800, the United States teetered on the brink of a second revolution. When Adams sought to prolong his policies in defiance of the electorate by packing the courts, it became evident that the new Constitution was limited in its powers. Change was in order and John Marshall stepped up to the challenge.

The Great Decision tells the riveting story of Marshall and of the landmark court case, Marbury v. Madison, through which he empowered the Supreme Court and transformed the idea of the separation of powers into a working blueprint for our modern state. Rich in atmospheric detail, political intrigue, and fascinating characters, The Great Decision is an illuminating tale of America’s formative years and the evolution of our democracy.

Today’s Kindle Kids Daily Deal is One Love ($1.99), by Cedella Marley and Vanessa Newton (Illustrator). It features Kindle Text Pop-Up on select devices and apps, but also works on all Kindle devices, as a basic book.

Book Description
This heartwarming picture book adapted from one of Bob Marley s most beloved songs brings the joyful spirit and unforgettable lyrics of his music to life for a new generation. Readers will delight in dancing to the beat and feeling the positive groove of change when one girl enlists her friends, family, and community to help transform her neighborhood for the better. And coming in Fall 2012, another Bob Marley favorite, THREE LITTLE BIRDS! Adapted by Cedella Marley, Bob Marley s first child, and gorgeously illustrated by the talented Vanessa Newton, One Love is a colorful and upbeat testament to the amazing things that can happen when we all get together with one love in our hearts.

Grade Level: P and up

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