Nov 172012

THE WALLS (Main/UK), by Jay Fox, is free in the Kindle store, courtesy of publisher Stay Thirsty Press.

Book Description
Not since the debut of Hunter S. Thompson or Thomas Pynchon has there been a book to emerge that speaks so clearly to a generation. Jay Fox’s debut novel, THE WALLS, is arguably the first iconic book from the Millennials.

Set in Brooklyn during the opening decade of the 21st century, Fox has captured the heartbeat, the zeitgeist, the essence of the echo boomers as they confront an uncertain future built upon a rapidly receding past.

The search, the hunt, the motivation to discover the truth presses Fox’s eclectic cast as they deal with their own lives, one day at a time. Certain to resonate now and in the rearview mirror of history, THE WALLS is a book, a story, a time capsule that snapshots and chronicles the quest to find a famous, elusive New York City graffiti artist whose greatest works can only be found in restrooms of underbelly dive bars in contemporary Brooklyn.

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