Nov 052012

Sky Trillium (Main/UK), the fifth title in the Trillium series by Julian May (other titles in the series by or co-authored by Marion Zimmer Bradley), is free for UK customers only in the Kindle store, courtesy of publisher HarperCollins. Not likely to be free in the US.

Book Description
The supreme fantasy epic of magic, love & treachery

The three sisters thought they had rid the world of evil, that dark sorcerer Orogastus was banished to the Chasm and set to perish.

But after many long years Orogastus is stirring and Kadiya’s trillium talisman is losing its power.

Their world is out of balance, trouble is looming. The stage is set for a dramatic confrontation that could decide, once and for all, the fate the sisters and the lands they govern.

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