Nov 092012

Ready or Not? – Four star-crossed people in a Dublin summer (Main/UK), by Grace Wynne-Jones, is a repeat freebie in the Kindle store, courtesy of UK publisher Accent Press.

Book Description
Four star-crossed people in a Dublin summer…

Sometimes you’ve got to forgive the person you were to be the person you can be.

How do you find the faith to love again? Take Caddy. She’s blonde and beautiful, and has a wonderful man who loves her….what could be more perfect? And yet she’s running away from him, and from a secret and painful past.

Then there’s feisty, tender Roz who has to make corn cream commercials sound romantic and who yearns to be a writer. That’s after she finds a man and has a baby, of course… She can’t help feeling it was all meant to be easier.

And Tom who dreams of being a famous photographer but who ends up selling mobile phones and thinking about the son he never sees.

Not to mention gorgeous Dan, a famous actor…He only wants Caddy…. Why doesn’t she want him?

Four star-crossed people in a Dublin summer, with a match-making mother to spice up the sometimes poignant and sometimes hilarious tale even further. Should they all settle for less, taking life’s little disappointments on the chin, or chase their dreams of love and happiness? The question is, are they ready for it, or not?

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