Nov 062012

Private Lies ($4.39 Kindle), by Warren Adler, is free direct from the author.

Book Description
Two couples are caught in an emotional web of adultery and deception that turns deadly on an African safari.

Ken Kramer, a Manhattan advertising copywriter, and his wife, Sheila, a computer expert, appear to have a comfortable life and loving marriage. But when Ken is taken along on a business dinner and introduced to the wife of his wife’s major client, we discover she is Ken’s old flame — in fact, the love of his life and the object of his sexual obsession as a young man. Baffled by her non-recognition, he learns that she has totally reinvented herself and snagged a rich husband who has no knowledge of her real early life. Unbeknownst to Ken, his own wife is carrying on a steamy affair with the client.

When the love and sexual obsession between Ken and his old love bursts into flames again, the plot thickens as both couples embark on an African Safari with startling and tragic results.

Get the free ebook from Warren Adler (DRM-free EPUB or Mobi).

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