Nov 092012

Originally published under the pen name Adam Lee, A A Attanasio’s Octoberland (Main/UK), the third and final novel of the Dominions of Irth series, is free in the Kindle store.

Book Description
A Manhattan coven, Octoberland, weaves ancient black magic to preserve the life of its 7,000-year-old leader, Nox. The sorcerer staves off death by leaching years from his followers’ blood. But Nox’s reckless search for eternal youth has opened the gate to — Irth.

From this alien world of wizards, witch queens, and blacker magic yet, goblins invade Earth! Warped, revolting creatures from a higher world beyond the World’s End, they inflict bloody carnage on the Dominions, using trolls and basilisks as their weapons.

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