Nov 182012

Limits ($7.99 Kindle), an anthology by Larry Niven, is this month’s free book from Phoenix Pick.

Book Description
Here is an extraordinary mix of fantasy and science fiction from one of the masters of science fiction, Larry Niven.

The stories in this collection include some collaborations with authors such as Jerry Pournelle (Spirals) and Steven Barnes (The Locusts), as well as stories written by Niven himself.

Larry Niven’s credits include the award-winning Ringworld series, his “Known Space” novels and the Man-Kzin anthologies. His collaborations with Jerry Pournelle include such titles as Lucifer’s Hammer, Inferno and The Mote in God’s Eye.

Click HERE for the free book from Phoenix Pick. You’ll need to find the book’s listing, click on “FREE EBOOK of the Month”, then enter coupon code 9991295. Click thru the next page and then scroll down and get the formats of your choice. They are DRM-free, so you can convert to other formats, if desired.

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