Nov 052012

Dark Angels (Main/UK), by Grace Monroe, is free for UK customers only in the Kindle store, courtesy of publisher HarperCollins. This may or may not be free for US customers (if it is going to be free, it usually drops one or two days after the UK price).

Book Description
The start of an Edinburgh-based thriller series starring rebellious young lawyer Brodie McLennan, investigating the case of a high-ranking lawyer found dead in mysterious circumstances.

A celebrated Edinburgh lawyer is found murdered outside an infamous gay haunt and notorious dominatrix Kailash Coutts stands accused.

Against her wishes, headstrong, unorthodox Brodie McClennan is appointed to defend Kailash under the watchful gaze of the ‘Dark Angels’, a violent street-gang led by the enigmatic Moses Tierney.

As the case becomes ever more complex, Brodie receives a chilling photograph, establishing a link to a number of brutal murders and a suspected paedophile ring. It becomes apparent that a serial killer is haunting the city – and that powerful people are involved, intent on covering up past crimes.

Brodie herself becomes a target – both for a depraved killer and for deadly forces in the highest of circles…

A shocking, atmospheric thriller that combines a centuries-old conspiracy with heart-stopping terror for fans of Ian Rankin and Mo Hayder…

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