Nov 122012

Chains Of Revenge (Main/UK), by Keziah Hill, is free in the Kindle store, apparently courtesy of publisher Harlequin Australia (although it’s just as likely to be a backlist title self-pubbed for the US market).

Book Description
A dark, violent, and devastatingly sensual erotic fantasy about the binding force of love.

Lissa, Princess of Horvald, loved and lost her slave in chains ten long years ago. Then she was spoiled and selfish, thinking she could bend a warrior of Catiscal to her will. But time and adversity has changed her into a leader, prepared to give herself to the Warlord Death in order to save her people.

Will he accept her sacrifice? Or will his need for revenge blind him to the insidious chains of love wrapping around him – chains even a powerful Warlord can’t resist…or can he?

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