Nov 072012

Bridging the River of Time (Main/UK), by J. D. Roque, is free in the Kindle store, courtesy of publisher Wild Rose Press.

Book Description
When architect Kerri McBride returns to Maine to restore her family’s centuries-old home, she expects to encounter difficulties. What she doesn’t expect is to fall for a man young enough to have been riding a tricycle when she got her first driver’s license.

Lance Corbett, sailboat builder and caretaker for the McBride family home, can’t believe his luck when a collapsing veranda catapults Kerri into his arms. Lance is determined to win Kerri’s heart, even though she wants to keep their friendship platonic.

But some folks in Tideswell Landing consider it unacceptable for an older woman to be involved with a younger man. And when Kerri tries to save a cedar grove from local improvements, she finds herself shunned by the town. But it’s Lance who causes her greatest dilemma. Can she let age–hers or his–stand in the way of happiness?

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