Nov 172012

THE AMERICAN STORYBAG (Main/UK), by Gerald Hausman, is a repeat freebie in the Kindle store, courtesy of publisher Stay Thirsty Press.

Book Description
The stories in THE AMERICAN STORYBAG are a fleeting yet incisive look at American life, primarily on the road, but sometimes on or in the water, and have been collected by Gerald Hausman since 1965. Some of the tales are very brief and may be called “sudden stories”. Many of them deal with human survival – an autistic boy lost in a trackless swamp; a young woman who falls in love with a supernatural creature; a young man who finds himself by finding his horse. Some of the tales are mere messages left on a cell phone. Others, like the story “Bimini Blue” tell about a Navajo healing ceremony given to a famous author who committed suicide. There are stories of ghosts, demons, fearsome predators, and wise old men who take the innocent in hand and lead them on the road to wisdom. These are tales of innocence and anguish, fantasy and fable, humor and heart. In them we hear the voices of a lost America – an America of folk heroes fading fast from view and crying out to be heard.


A Real Life Goliath…The Horse of the Navajo…Lady Bug Blues…Big Fat Harry Toe…A Tree Frog Named Houdini…Just Like Geronimo…The Ancient Itch…Man Taken Aboard UFO…Pirate Breath…Snail…Rattlesnake Pete, Goiter Healer…Of Lions and Men.

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