Nov 202012

I’ve been working hard on some changes to the blog, in response to a few reader requests. I’m splitting the blog (and it’s twitter/RSS feeds) into two (and eventually three) segments. The first split starts today – no more Erotica here on the main blog, so that the feeds and Kindle subscriptions are more family and work friendly. Instead, all Erotica and most LGBT fiction will appear in my new blog, Erotica Books on the Knob (I know! catchy title, right?). I’m currently thinking that I may duplicate the Romance books there (other than those from Christian publishers), but want your input: do you want zero duplication or the occasional duplicate in the Romance category?

I’ve flagged the new blog for Adult content, but all that means is that you have to click an extra box telling Google that you are aware of the content. I have the RSS feeds (including email subscriptions) and twitter feeds set up now and it looks like the Facebook page is now working, as well.

Speaking of Facebook, did you know that the more individual posts from a page that you “Like”, the more likely the posts are to show up on your home page news feed? Facebook used to show you all the pages from Pages that you liked as a whole, but now limits who gets to see a page (when this hit, I saw my reach/audience drop from 1500+ per day to under 300, so I know a lot of you started missing posts on Facebook). So, if you miss seeing the posts on Facebook, be sure to head over to the Books on the Knob Facebook Page and “Like” a few posts.

For future plans, I am considering the same split for books from Christian publisher. These publishers have a lot of free books, with most of them repeats, and can be controversial for some readers. It is a bit of work to move, though, so I haven’t started and would like your comments. Moving the posts would mean a leaner blog here (probably 8 or so posts every Monday would move, plus some others during the week) and those who specifically want Christian Fiction/Non-fiction and nothing else would have a new place to read. It would mean, though, that those who want both will need to subscribe to both sites (which is simple using Google Reader) and the same for those who get the Kindle subscription.

In the meantime, feel free to check out the new blog and let me know what you think. It’s set up a lot like this one, but there may be a gadget or two on the right sidebar that isn’t fully functional.

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