Jun 122012

Willow Pattern, a collection of short stories by Nick Earls, Krissy Kneen, Steven Amsterdam, Angela Slatter, Rjurik Davidson, PM Newton, Geoff Lemon and Simon Groth, edited by Keith Stevenson (and team), is free direct from the publisher, today only. After today, you should be able to find it at Amazon and other retail outlets (assuming there are no geographic restrictions).

Book Description
9 writers. 24 hours. 1 book. On 11 June 2012, if:book Australia gathered a team of writers and editors together with the challenge of writing, editing and publishing a book – for both print and digital – within a single 24-hour period. This is that book.

Get the free ebook from if:book Australia. (DRM-free EPUB or Mobi).

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