Jun 112012

Update: 6/12/12 Now free on Kindle.

Technical Analysis Trading Methods and Techniques ($47.29 Kindle), a collection of titles by Quint Tatro, Richard A. Dickson and Tracy L. Knudsen, is a repeat freebie from Barnes & Noble, courtesy of publisher FT Press. This publisher had been skipping B&N for freebies lately, so they are making up for it today: all their free selections are B&N only, at least, so far.

Book Description
Three indispensable eBooks reveal little-known technical and psychological techniques for outperforming the market – and beating the traders you’re up against!

Three remarkable eBooks help you leverage powerful, little-known insights from technical analysis and behavioral economics to consistently outperform the market! In George Lindsay and the Art of Technical Analysis, Ed Carlson resurrects the nearly-forgotten technical analysis techniques created by the eccentric genius who called the beginning and end of history’s greatest bull market, within days! Carlson reveals why George Lindsay’s techniques are especially valuable right now, demonstrates their power visually, simply, and intuitively — and shows how to make the most of them without strong mathematical expertise. Next, Mastering Market Timing combines the powerful, long-proven technical analysis methods of Richard D. Wyckoff with the world-renowned analysis of Lowry Research — sharing deep new price/volume insights you can use to uncover emerging trends faster, even if you’re entirely new to technical analysis. Finally, in Trade the Trader, Quint Tatro focuses on the real zero-sum nature of trading, helping you understand the traders you’re up against, anticipate their moves, outwit them — and beat them!

Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.

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