Jan 082010

Through February 5, 2010, buy the latest (Vol 3) in Leighton Gage’s Chief Inspector Mario Silva series, Dying Gasp ($9.99), and receive a free download of the first in the series, Blood of the Wicked (normally $9.99). Two books for essentially five dollars each and both books have very good reviews. Of course, that does leave the middle book of the series, Buried Strangers, to be purchased, currently at $9.99.

Dying Gasp
The granddaughter of a prominent politician is missing. Silva and his team find her in Manaus, a jungle hellhole on the Amazon where an evil female doctor is making gory snuff films. Silva must overcome his own department’s indifference and the corrupt local cops before he can obtain a semblance of justice for the victims.

Blood of the Wicked
In the remote Brazilian town of Cascatas do Pontal, where landless peasants are confronting the owners of vast estates, the bishop arrives by helicopter to consecrate a new church and is assassinated.

Mario Silva, chief inspector for criminal matters of the federal police of Brazil, is dispatched to the interior to find the killer. The pope himself has called Brazil’s president; the pressure is on Silva to perform. Assisted by his nephew, Hector Costa, also a federal policeman, Silva must battle the state police and a corrupt judiciary as well as criminals who prey on street kids, the warring factions of the Landless League, the big landowners, and the church itself, in order to solve the initial murder and several brutal killings that follow. Justice is hard to come by. An old priest, a secret liberation theologist, finally metes it out. Here is a Brazil that tourists never encounter.

In case you haven’t had your Kindle very long, these Buy One, Get One Free offers from Amazon work a little differently for Kindle books, versus other items. When you one-click to buy the first book, you’ll find that the second book shows up both on the same Kindle and in your Media Library. You won’t, however, see any mention of it on the invoice you are emailed and you don’t see the banner at the top of the product page for the second book to indicate that you have previously purchased it. In all other ways, however, it works just like any other purchased book – you can download it to multiple Kindles, read it on your PC, etc. Just don’t accidentally purchase the “free” book of the pair or you’ll be paying double on these deals – always look for the banner immediately below the list of other formats available that indicates you are on the correct page to get the free book with purchase.

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