Nov 012009

Night of the Tustumena ($1.99), by Arne Bue. Use coupon code QH65J during checkout, valid thru November 15, 2009.

Book Description
In this illustrated tale of murder, the secretive creator of an Alaskan drug route encounters problems on his last voyage to Dutch Harbor aboard the Alaska State Ferry “Tustumena.”

The Man from Shenandoah ($3.99), courtesy of the author, Marsha Ward, who posted the coupon code ZM42L on her blog, valid thru November 3.

Book Description
Carl Owen doesn’t intend to lose anything—not his land, not his cattle, and certainly not his girl—ever again! Returning from the Civil War, he finds the farm ruined and his father set to leave Virginia. Then Carl falls in love, and he battles a band of outlaws, a prairie fire, blizzards, a trackless waterless desert, and his own brother—all for the hand of feisty Ellen Bates.

Little Monsters (Set Your own price; use $0.00), by Zoe Whitten. You can also pick up Blood Relations and Zombie Punter at no charge and download Blind Rage from her web site.

Book Description
Jarred Collins is a recluse in search of his past. A chance meeting with a homeless girl turns his life upside-down and dredges up his memories as a sexual predator. Who is Cora and why is she so familiar? In this tragic fantasy nothing is what it seems, no one is a hero and the worst betrayals come from the closest kin. But in the wake of a tragedy, maybe these little monsters can form a family.

If you missed Street: Empathy, by Ryan A. Span, during the Halloween sale, you can read most of the stories (and some that will be in a new volume, later) at this web site. It’s online or in a bunch of PDF’s, not an ebook format, and not a final edit/format, but it’ll give you a good flavor for the work (and possibly convince you to spend the $1.99 for the book).

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